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Specials/Just In

Reclaimed Buckinghams

14" Randoms (16 SQ) (14"x7",14"x8",14"x9",14"x10",14"x11")    

Penn Black

(22 x 11-15SQ)

ASC Green 250/SQ

(20 x 10-58SQ, 16 x 10-2.2SQ, 16 x 8-3SQ)   

Interlocking Flat Tiles

Smooth and Wood Grain Surface

No. 206 Ridge Tiles (Shown on Left)

Custom orders taken, slates trimmed

Multi-colored Copper Gray slate $300/SQ

(20 x 15-8SQ available, 20 x 10-36 SQ available)

Hard to Find Baltimore tile….

Reclaimed Peach Bottoms 


These slate have been in use a hundred years and are still in perfect condition! They blend well with existing Peach Bottom slate roofs, Buckingham and Monson slate roofs.

Reclaimed Mottled Purple

These slate are very common in the mid-western states, though not frequently seen on the East coast. They would make a very attractive roof on a garden pavilion or similar structure.

Vermont Semi-Weathering Green 


An addition to a house which already has a slate roof provides a great opportunity for using reclaimed slate. New slate needs many years to weather and match the existing roofs. Reclaimed slate, however, gives an immediate visual connection.

Vermont Blend 


This traditional blend of color was established at the very outset of the slate industry in the United States. The Vermont Blend features eighty percent semi-weathering slate (in this presentation as a graduated roof), ten percent unfading green and ten percent purple.

16.5" X 11 and 5/8"

Lap Grooved Concrete Tiles

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