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Slate from any one quarry can show numerous shadings of color and appearance, due to the vagaries of geological evolution. Seams of slate will have a prevalence of color but these too will vary in different parts of the quarry. The descriptions of color below are thus accurate but samples should be ordered or better yet, come to our yard and look at them close up.

Vermont Black

This is our favorite domestic slate. It is produced with a consistently high quality in all sizes. It is excellent for replacement roofs or repair work, blending with numerous slate types of the Mid-Atlantic area. It is rated ASTM S-1


This is our most welcome new arrival from Europe. Quarried from the mountainous north-west region of Spain, it has the rugged qualities of a Secca slate while keeping a refined face and consistent cut. It is an unfading S-1 product. There is unlimited availability.

North Country Black

This unfading Hebra slate from Canada has a smooth face and is a deep blue black, the classic slate color. Slaters love to work with it.

Vermont Gray-Black

While Vermont Black has a majority dark background with lighter colored streaking, Vermont Gray-Black has a majority lighter background with darker colored streaking.

Vermont Strata Gray

This is a very eye-catching slate, with various shades of grey vividly offset by cloudy dark tones.

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray-Green

This hardy slate came to prominence at the beginning of the 20th century. It proved very easy to split from the rock and provided beautiful blends of color on the roof. It weathers to peach and salmon tans. 

Vermont Unfading Green

This is a phenomenally enduring slate, its solid green color unchanging over a hundred years. It is often blended with weathering slate and unfading purple for an exceptional roof design. 

Vermont Unfading Red

Unlike the Vermont Greens, this slate is very hard to split and cut. Once done, however, it provides limitless longevity to a roof.

Unfading Purple

This is also known as unfading Royal Purple, and it is indeed fit for Royalty. 

Vermont Mottled Purple

This exotic slate is largely purple with green inclusions. How about this as a counter top? The occurrence and proportion of green is completely random.

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