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At the Gummer Slate Co. we are an Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and also proud members of the National Slate Association. We believe in a united effort to promote the slate industry and bring the quality and beauty of our products to the marketplace.

The Newmont Slate Quarry

The Newmont Slate Quarry, in Poultney Vermont is our primary source of domestic slate. Jack and Bob Williams run an excellent operation, providing the most consistent product. This is a respected quarry in the US and worldwide. We are proud of our exclusive Mid-Atlantic connection.


They are suppliers, in addition, of copper nails, slate hooks and the QWK-SLATE installation system, long-used in Europe but new to the US.


Spain is the largest producer of slate in the world. While their history in slate production only began in the 1960’s, they have caught up with and modernized the industry in both production and quality. They have vast untapped quantities of S-1 Secca and Hebra slate.


We are big fans of Galcar and predict it to be the future heavy-lifter of the slate industry. Bienvenida a nuestros amigos,  Alberto Bayo Barrio (Del Carmen Quarry) and Julian Calvo (Be natural). 

The New England Slate Company

As importers of Penrhyn slate from Wales and suppliers of reclaimed Monson, we take every opportunity to connect with this stellar Vermont Company.



Greenstone Slate Co.

Jon Hill, Mike Pietryka and Rachel get a lot done at Greenstone. Their Strata slate is unique and very popular in the mid-Atlantic region. And they produce! We’re proud of our exclusive regional association.



North Country Slate Co.

Dave Large, Chris Large and John Neil head up a great organization out of Canada. They are exclusively partnered with the Glendyne Quarry and supply the North Country Black, an S-1 unfading slate, to the US. Their reputation is impeccable.


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